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Pro-Series 11pc. Block Set w/ Stamped Steak Knives Discounts Apply !
Pro-Series 11pc. Block Set w/ Stamped Steak Knives
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This Ergo Chef Pro-Series 11pc. Knife Block Set comes with the following pieces forged from German Carbon Stainless Steel for durability. 7" Santoku, 8" Offset Serrated Bread knife, 6" Utility, & 3.5" Paring. Four Pro-Series II stamped steak knives with full tang and serrated edges for smooth cuts of all meat & vegetables. Our Pro-Series Heavy Duty come-apart Multi-Function Kitchen Shears cut bone, open packages & even peel vegetables. The Pro-Series 10" Diamond Sharpening tool will keep all the knives sharp as new with a few light passes when needed. All pieces store safely in the 10 slot natural grain wooden block. Knife care: Hand wash with hot water, dish soap & a soft sponge. Towel dry & store to keep them looking as good as new.


  • Fully Forged Knives Included: 7" Santoku w/ Hollow Grounds, 8" Offset Serrated Bread Knife, 6" Utility w/ Hollow Grounds & 3.5" Paring knife.
  • Stamped Knives:  QTY. 4 Pro-Series II Serrated Steak knives with full tang and triple rivet handle.
  • Sharpener: 10" Pro-Series Oval Diamond Coated Sharpening Rod - This lightly "sharpens" all the knives by taking off a few microns of material with each pass.  Most sets only have a honing rod which does not sharpen.  Use once every few months after proper use of the knives in a home kitchen.
  • Kitchen Shears: Pro-Series Come Apart Multi-Function Kitchen Shears. Perfect for cutting chicken bones, trimming fat, opening packages, peeling carrots, Crushing nuts & twisting off bottle tops between handle, open pop off bottle caps, and lid lifter on end of handle. 
  • Block: 10 Slot Wooden Storage Block holds all pcs. for safe beautiful counter storage.
  • Warranty: Kitchen Knives have a Lifetime Limited Warranty, Steak Knives have a 5 Year Warranty, Sharpening Rod & Shears have a 1 year Warranty.  All knives & shears should be Re-Sharpened every few years with proper use.



  • Always use Wood, Bamboo or Plastic cutting boards with the knives - NEVER USE GLASS, CORIAN, STEEL or HARD COUNTER TOPS when cutting food as this will dull the knives & damage the edge.
  • Always hand wash the knives with a soft sponge after each use and dry with a towel then store back in block.
  • If blades become stained or get water spots you can clean them easily with Comet Cleanser or Bar Keepers Friend.
  • Professionally Sharpen the knives every 1-2 years depending on use and edge condition - You can use our sharpening service to get that like new edge back on the blades. 
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