Crimson G10 8″ Knife Honing Steel Sharpener

The 8″ Crimson Honing Steel Sharpener will keep all your edges in alignment and performing their best in between sharpening.

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This 8″ Crimson knife honing steel rod is designed to keep all your straight edge knives performing between sharpening. The rod is chromed for durability and magnetized to hold the small knife burrs that can come off the blade when honing. This honing rod is designed to straighten the knife burrs you get on your knife edges from regular use. It lines up the blade burrs for optimal performance without cutting steel. Designed to keep your knives performing well in between professional sharpening.

How to use this honing rod

Cleaning: Rinse under water and wipe with a dry towel to remove all steel particle build up.

Skill Level: Easy to Medium

How to Use: Simply hold steel straight up or tip down on table and sweep knife on diagonal at approximately 18-20 degree angle to line up burrs on your knife blade. This product hones a blade by lining up burrs which occur with knife use. The burrs must be straightened for your knife to work well.

1 Year Warranty


Weight: 9 oz
Rod Diameter: 3/8″
Rod Length: 8″
Steel Guard Ring Diameter: 1.260″
Handle Length: 5″
Center Handle Diameter: .900″
OAL: 13.50″


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