Knife Sharpening Services

Ergo Chef Cutlery stands at the forefront of excellence in blade maintenance since 2002. With our commitment to precision and craftsmanship, we offer a specialized sharpening service that ensures your blades are restored to optimal sharpness and performance. Utilizing advanced techniques and special equipment our experts carefully sharpen each knife to razor-like precision, enhancing its cutting ability and longevity. You can trust Ergo Chef’s sharpening service to breathe new life into your beloved blades, whether they’re kitchen knives, professional chef’s tools, or outdoor utility knives. With Ergo Chef, quality, reliability, and satisfaction are guaranteed, making us your go-to choice for a superior sharpening solution.




Fabric Shear Sharpening – Not Available at this Time

Executive Knife Sharpening

You send them in, we sharpen, and ship them back.

Primo Knife Sharpening

We ship you a box, all packing material & a return label.

Our Philosophy

Since 2002 Ergo Chef has been designing and manufacturing chef knives, kitchen gadgets and accessories. We continue to design innovative knives and kitchen products that are made to the highest quality standards, while providing a great value to all our customers, whether home cooks or professional chefs. Ergo Chef provides great gifts for your family and friends, while poised at providing outstanding customer service, before, during, and after every sale.

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