Fast Edge Manual 2 Stage Knife Sharpener Red

Fast Edge Red Manual two Stage Knife Sharpener and Hone. For straight and wide serrated edges.


: $40.00

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Fast Edge II Knife Sharpener & Hone with spring loaded Auto Adjusting Tungsten Carbide Inserts. Fast Edge II makes knife sharpening any knives easy with it’s patented design. This sharpener will make all your straight edge steel knives razor sharp with just a few passes. Days of dull knives are gone with the Ergo Chef Fast Edge II knife sharpener.

The Spring loaded Tungsten Carbide inserts provide superior sharpening by adjusting to your blade angle and keeping a consistent cut along both sides of your knives for a razor sharp beveled edge.

Stage 1 / Coarse: 2 Carbide Inserts set to 18 degrees for a precise and evenly sharpened edge

Stage 2 / Fine: 2 Round Ceramic Honing Rods set to 18 Degrees for a smooth deburr and finish.

Handle Base: Provides good grip in hand and rubber bottom for stable and safe sharpening on any flat surface.

Cartridge: Replaceable cartridge feature allowing you to save money and waste by keeping the handle base. Many sharpeners wear out and need to be thrown in a land fill. Not Ours!

Warranty: 1 Year against defects in craftsmanship. Sharpening Cartridge is not part of the warranty as it will naturally wear out with use and can then be replaced.

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