Fast Edge Manual Two Stage Knife Sharpener & Hone in Black

Fast Edge Manual Two Stage Knife Sharpener & Hone with replaceable cartridge


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Ergo Chef black FASTEDGE Two stage manual pull through knife sharpener will sharpen & hone straight edge knives and just hone your serrated knives. It has a non-slip base to safely sharpen & hone your knives. It cuts an 18 degree edge with the Coarse Carbide inserts, then can finely hone the edge with the ceramic rods for a perfectly sharp blade with just a few passes. Our research has shown that an 18 degree edge angle per side is most versatile and durable edge for all types of knives giving you a smooth cut through all types of food. The Ergo Chef Fast Edge 2 stage knife sharpener takes the guess work out of angles and makes it simple for anyone to sharpen dull knives. Environmentally friendly by design to re-use the handle & simply change out the replacement cartridge when needed (Usually 1-2 years depending on use). The FASTEDGE Knife Sharpener is a registered trademark of Ergo Chef, LLC.

Stage 1 / Coarse: 2 Carbide Inserts set to 18 degrees for a precise and evenly sharpened edge.

Stage 2 / Fine: 2 Round Ceramic Honing Rods set to 18 Degrees for a smooth deburr and finish.

Handle Base: Provides good grip in hand and rubber bottom for stable and safe sharpening on any flat surface.

Cartridge: Replaceable cartridge feature allowing you to save money and waste by keeping the handle base. Many sharpeners wear out and need to be thrown in a land fill. Not Ours!

Warranty: 1 Year against defects in craftsmanship. Sharpening Cartridge is not part of the warranty as it will naturally wear out with use and can then be replaced.
Cleaning: Pop out cartridge and run under water to clean and dry with towel.

Skill Level: Easy to use by simply holding the handle and pulling your knife through the coarse carbide with tip down to sharpen. To hone your knife in the fine side just pull your knife through with no force at all. Simply let the knife rest on the ceramic inserts and pull it through with your tip up a little.

Product Dimensions: 2.5″ Tall x 2″ Wide x 7.5″ Long

Product Weight:  6 oz.


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