Preparing food is not supposed to be torturous, regardless of whether you are preparing fine cuisine in a 5-star restaurant or cooking a meal for your friends and family in the comfort of your own kitchen. Unfortunately, poorly designed kitchen tools often result in unnatural twisting, bending, and grasping of the hands which could result in painful tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, the latter affecting between 4 and 10 million Americans according to the American College of Rheumatology. Thankfully an increasing number of designers have started paying attention to ergonomics which is enabling them to create striking and functional tools that do not put excessive strain on the body. 

What are the benefits of using ergonomic kitchen tools? 

People inherently oppose change unless, of course, there is an immense benefit too. The advantages of using ergonomic kitchen tools such as chef knives are plentiful, and they are not limited to professional chefs either. Ergonomic knives and other kitchen tools are designed in such a manner that they increase efficiency, allowing you to cut straighter, fillet more neatly and chop faster – all which can end up saving you both time and money. As accuracy is also increased, the likelihood of injuries decreases, resulting in fewer trips to the ER and increased peace of mind. Apart from a quality set of ergonomic knives, you should also invest in other ergonomic helpful kitchen tools such as, DUO Tongs, vegetable peelers, pepper grinders and cheese graters that will make food prep both easier and safer. Check out the 10 essential kitchen tools from non count.

What to look out for in a good knife?

There are a number of things to look out for when choosing a knife. Make sure the handle fits comfortably in your hand and that it is neither too heavy nor too light. Apart from boasting a comfortable-to-hold ergonomic handle, a good-quality knife will also have a sturdy, sharp blade free of any imperfections. You will also know that you have found a good knife if it carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. In order for your kitchen tools to continue working as they were made to do, they need to be looked after and kept clean at all times. Quality kitchen tools are in general easy to wash and while knives should be hand-washed at all times, you can easily pop your other crockery and cutlery into your dishwasher for a swift and effective clean.

A knife for every task

How often do you open the kitchen drawer, reach for the first available knife and cut/chop/hack away at whatever is needed at the time? Chances are you didn’t even know that there is a different knife for just about every kitchen task you can think of.  While a Chef or Santuko knife are versatile options suitable for chopping, slicing and dicing, you are going to need a paring knife when it comes to peeling fruit and veg and de-seeding them. A fillet knife will do exactly what the name indicates –fillet meat and fish while a boning knife will effortlessly remove the bone from cuts of meat. No knife collection is complete without a good ergonomic bread knife that will easily glide through even the freshest loaf of bread and a utility knife that will take care of all the jobs that dedicated knives can’t. 

Investing in a range of quality ergonomic knives and other kitchen tools you will not only increase your productivity in the kitchen but reduce your risk of developing an unpleasant injury as well. While there is no need to rush out and replace every single kitchen gadget you own with an ergonomic one, you might want to systematically start to incorporate more ergonomic designs in your entire home.

Author: Karoline Gore

So what knife should you choose? 

If you’re building your kitchen, we recommend starting with the Ergo Chef Pro Series Chef Knife. Crafted with our patented ergonomic handle, this knife is the true “workhorse” of the kitchen. Our ergonomic design incorporates a full radius on the blade for smooth and efficient cutting.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 10.40.30 AM

The Pro Series Chef Knife is a great starter knife, because it can accomplish any kitchen task. You can purchase this knife at a discounted value on our website here.

Holidays are coming up fast and it’s so important to have a great Carving knife or Set so you glide through your Turkey, Ham or roasts like a pro while the knife does all the work. Are you in need of a good Carving Set?  We have you covered with a few quality options to serve you for years to come.   2pc Pro-Series Carving Set $79.99 or Prodigy 2pc Slicer Set $44.95


Pro-Series Carving Set


Prodigy Carving Set

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