Are you working full-time in a kitchen and need a handy way to store and transport your knives? Maybe you just want to have a portable kit in case of a family BBQ. Regardless of the reason, then a knife roll is a great choice. This handy storage tool safely and securely keeps your knives in one place until you need to use them. Most chefs swear by them.


Type of Knife Bags

When it comes to your knives, there’s more than one type of bar or roll available. Each option has its own pros and cons. Although you can look through these choices available, it’s often a good idea to read through a review to decide what works well and poorly about a knife roll.

  1. Leather Knife Bags

When it comes to a knife bag that is both durable and stylish, leather bags are a great choice. Keep in mind that they are going to run you a pretty penny. However, they’re often a great choice if you enjoy something with some style. It’s also important to know that leather is incredibly durable and will last you for years.

2. Canvas Knife Bags     

Canvas is also a durable material that makes a good choice for a knife bag / roll. They are also fairly long-lasting and tend to be a great choice for a full knife set. If you want a knife roll that can hold all of your knives, then canvas is a good choice. It securely protects your knives and also travels well. If you choose a waxed bag, then any liquids that spill on the bag won’t stain. The only downside to canvas is that it’s a heavier material so with your knives, it won’t be a light option.

  1. Nylon & Synthetic Knife Bags

    When you want versatility in a knife roll, then these synthetic fabrics are often a good choice. Due to their lightweight construction, it’s usually a good choice for carrying and won’t weigh you down. Also, the bags can contain a variety of pockets, zippers, and straps to make it easy to store other kitchen tools and carry around like a backpack or over your shoulder. They often have zippered pockets for you to carry pens, timers, and more.
  1. Other Criteria to Consider

When you know the general material that you want in a bag, you’ll still have to decide on a few other areas. For example, the capacity is a factor. If you want to store a complete knife set, you’ll have to purchase a large or medium-sized bag. Some chefs want to carry a particular knife such as a cleaver or a longer knife so they may need specialty compartments.
The general appearance of the knife roll also matters. This is subjective, of course, but you should choose a knife roll that has an appearance you like. It’s usually a good idea to avoid anything too flashy as you may have a change in taste over time. Simple and classic are often good principles to follow but ultimately, choose the bag that you like.
Finally, you’ll want to consider the cost. You can spend as much as you want on a knife bag. It’s usually a good idea to purchase a bag that will last you well but won’t cost more than the contents of the bag. Expect to pay more for leather bags in most cases.

How to Use a Knife Bag / Roll

When you purchase a knife bag, it’s important to be organized and use the roll correctly. This will keep the knives safe during storage and moving. Use this guide to make sure that your roll is organized.

  1. Consider Edge Guards

Although the knife roll will protect your knives, it’s still a good idea to use edge guards on all your knives. This is a good tip for general safety and will also protect the knives & bag from damage. Plain plastic or felt-lined guards are good options.

  1. Lay out the Roll and Review the Knife Spots

When you lay out the roll, you can get an overview of what knife spots are available. Each slot will be a different length and size. Most rolls are designed to fit a knife set. If you have specialty knives, you may have to decide which knives are essential or purchase a larger roll to fit all of them.

  1. Store the Knives

Put each knife into its designated knife slot with the edge guard in place. Although the slots do not have to provide an exact fit, make sure that you avoid any slots that are too large as this can cause the knives to become dislodged. Also, do not force a knife into a spot that’s too small to avoid damaging the roll. Also, do not put any more than one knife in a single slot.

  1. Roll the Knife Bag Securely

Most bags will have a flap that lays over the knives. If your bag has this flap, use it to cover the knives and then roll the bag up. Roll the bag firmly and avoid having it either too tight or too loose. It may take a few tries to get this right so spend a few tries as needed. Fasten the bag securely with straps or ties. These are usually attached to the bag and can be used to close the bag securely.
Once the bag is completely closed, you can use it to transport your knives securely.


Now that you know how to choose and use a knife roll, it’s time to consider getting your own. If you find that you need a secure way to transport your knives, then a knife roll is a great option. It may be surprising to find out that these bags can be stylish and practical. Make sure that you use them appropriately to avoid any risk to your knives or yourself. Use this guide as needed when you’re considering getting a knife bag.

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