Pro Series 10″ Diamond Sharpener

This Pro-Series 10″ diamond sharpener is essential for keeping your knives razor sharp.


: $49.00

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This Ergo Chef Pro-Series diamond coated sharpener is an oval 1″ wide x 10″ long rod. It’s an essential part of proper knife maintenance to keep your knives as sharp as new. Designed to easily remove burrs & sharpen the edge on your knives with just a few light passes on it’s medium grit 600 mesh diamond coated surface. Our diamond steel has an ergonomic comfortable non-slip grip handle with a large 1.6″ diameter face to protect your hand while sharpening. This 10″ diamond steel also fits into most wooden blocks.

10″ Long Mono-Crystalline Diamond Coated Rod.

600 Mesh Diamond Coating.

5″ Long Handle with TPR non-slip grip.

TPR Cap on tip of rod for tip down, less slip sharpening.

Fits in all roll bags & Kitchen drawers.

Care: Wash with soap and water, rinse and dry.

Skill Level: Medium – If you can use a honing rod you can use our Diamond oval sharpening rod with little effort.


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