Many of our readers may not know that Ergo Chef was founded serendipitously. We detail the story of how it all began on our about us page. To be brief, through an unfortunate result of injuries caused by frequent chopping and slicing, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, Ergo Chef began. With the goal to help Chefs both professional and home, Mike and Scott worked on making a high-quality and Ergonomic knife that would alleviate pain and injury from repetitive movements. This truly was a cause that hit home for them.

Through trial and error, and much research, the Ergo Chef team found that an angled handle helped to keep the hand and wrist in a neutral position, providing comfort and less stress. The initial cardboard and particle board designs proved promising and new iterations followed over the years. They all kept the same philosophy, providing a more neutral and natural position that allowed the hand to relax while making intricate and slight movements no matter the cut type or technique.

Fewer movements via a neutral position translated to a more enjoyable cutting experience and less strain on the hand, wrist, and forearm. This design was proven effective by over 50 prototype participants, professional chefs, student chefs and culinary professors across the country, reporting less tension and an easier time of food preparation with an Ergo Chef-designed chefs knife.

Hence the Ergo Chef design works for Scott, and many chefs and home cooks who wanted a better-designed knife that would make cooking more enjoyable and easier on their hands and arms. After all, good health involves all parts of the body, so why not live your best knife with an ergonomically proven design from Ergo Chef? 

See our Ergo Chef Crimson 7″ Santoku make quick work of any chopping and slicing that needs to be done.

Of course, after the initial chef knife design, Ergo Chef has continued to expand. For example, our new Acacia Wood Block can be yours, just comment on this post. We also have several different knives and gadgets, at many price points, which you can explore. If you have any questions please leave us a comment on our Chat Feature and we’ll get back to you soon. Need an answer faster please call us Toll-Free at 203-712-5818. Our hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

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