Crimson G10 8″ Chef Knife

CRIMSON G10 8″ Chef knife has our proven comfort design, a razor sharp edge and durable German steel for easy food prep.

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Introducing the pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship: our perfectly balanced Crimson G10 8-inch Chef’s knife, meticulously crafted to embody precision, durability, and exceptional value. Made from high-carbon German steel, this knife boasts unrivaled ergonomics and durability.  The Ergo Chef Crimson Chef knife ensures effortless slicing, dicing, and chopping for years to come. Its optimal balance strikes the perfect equilibrium between agility and stability, granting chefs unparalleled control and confidence in their culinary endeavors. What sets this Chef’s knife apart is not only its superior performance but also its accessible price point, making professional-grade quality accessible to all aspiring chefs and seasoned cooks alike. With our 8-inch Chef’s knife, embark on a culinary journey where every slice is a testament to the perfect harmony of craftsmanship and affordability.

The Ergo Chef CRIMSON G10 8″ Chef knife features our proven patented design for easy food prep.  Features a German X50CrMoV15 polished Granton edge (Ovals in blade) with a precision 18-degree bi-beveled edge for smooth easy cuts of all foods. The knife tip has our design angle to increase strength and blade durability, while the smooth tapered bolster provides a comfortable pinch grip. The contoured patented handle provides proven comfort and efficiency in every cut for less strain and easier food preparation.

Crimson Precision Chef Knife Blade: 8″ Precision 18 Degree Cutting Edge – Blade Steel (X50CrMoV15) Made in Germany with Granton Edge ( Ovals in blade)

Chef Knife Heat Treat: Blade is Heat Treated to 57HRC for long durable edge life and easy maintenance.

Crimson G10 Handle Material: The ergonomic Chef knife handle is made from G10, (Fiberglass Resin) known as one of the world’s strongest handle materials, as it doesn’t absorb moisture and its innate characteristics give it extreme stability and lifelong durability.

Patented Ergonomic Design: Our design makes this knife a natural extension of your hand for less fatigue and exceptional control and comfort allowing you to make more accurate precise cuts.

Tapered Bolster: The new taper bolster design flows from the blade to the handle for increased comfort for a smooth more comfortable pinch grip for solid control and less callus.

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Knife Weight: 8.6 Ounces
Blade Thickness: .090″
Blade Length: 8.0″
Blade Height: 2.3″
Handle Length: 4.9″
Handle Width: .900″
OAL: 13.375″

2 reviews for Crimson G10 8" Chef Knife

  1. Ben Dubow

    I have been using this knife in my home kitchen for several months now. I am a chef by training, so pretty picky about my knives. In the past I have used mid-point and up knives, including Wusthof, Global, etc. I have also tested out a knife by Made-In. This Ergo Chef knife holds its own against every other know I have used — and exceeds in several areas. Nicely weight-balanced, good and comfortable grip, and the blade holds its edge well. Honestly, it has become my go to knife at home and I am very tempted to purchase a full set. I highly recommend this knife and it definitely cuts above its price point. Fantastic performance and great value. I would be happy to have these fill out my knife kit.

    Some tasks that I have tested it on include fabricating a whole chicken and duck, carving a roast, lots of dicing, mincing, julliening, etc. Performs all of these well. I was particularly happy with how well it performed on the chicken/duck — grip was great, never worried about the knife slipping, etc. Blade handles splitting the bones well, and also handled the more precision work well.

  2. MicheleH20

    Super sharp blade makes chopping veggies and hard fruits for juicing a breeze. Love it! Recommended by a friend. My food prep is much faster.

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