Locking DUO Kitchen Tong Sets

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We offer a 2pc. set which includes a 9″ green and 12″ black DUO Tong, or a 3pc. set that includes a 9″ green, 12″ black and 15″ red DUO tong.  These locking DUO Kitchen Tong sets are great for serving with the 9″ or 12″ sizes, and stove top cooking or grilling with the 12″ and 15″ sizes. The 12″ Pair (Tested & Recommended by Cooking Club of America) provides a bit more reach than the 9″ and the larger 15″ Pair is perfect for grilling, flat tops or larger pots. They all feature 500 degree silicone heads on one side for non-stick pan use, and steel teeth on other side for picking up anything slippery. Use them on Ice, pasta, vegetables, to shredded lettuce, salads, chicken, lobster, steak, & pork. Virtually anything you need to pick up! You can even stick them in a deep fryer and the slot in one head drains the oil before plating. Or use the other solid head side for scooping sauce while plating (9″ and 12″). The non-slip grip handle keep you in control & locking slide ring keeps them closed when storing & opened for hassle free use.


Heavy Duty 1mm thick Stainless Steel.

Dishwasher Safe.

Silicone Side Won’t Scratch Non-Stick Pans.

Non-Slip Ergonomic Grips.

Locking Slide Loop ensures always opened or always closed position.

Drain slot for less mess.

Solid head for scooping sauce while plating your food.

Steel teeth help get a grip on larger slippery foods.

Strong enough to pick up to 20 lbs. of food.

1 year Warranty


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