The best knives deserve the best care. Here are some easy tips to follow to keep your knives sharp.
Cutting surfaces: Only use plastic, wood or bamboo cutting boards to extend the life of your knife’s edge. If you cut on glass or granite, you run the risk of rolling or burring the edge and reducing the life of the knife
Cleaning: Cutlery, including Ergo Chef’s knives, should be hand washed with mild liquid dish soap, a soft sponge and hot water. Use a soft towel to dry.
Stain on the blade? Staining usually occurs due to carbon content in the blade. Stains can be removed with a dash of Comet cleanser or Bar Keeper’s Friend, a sponge and warm water to remove it. Never use Scotch-Brite, Brillo Pads or other abrasive sponges on a steel blade. These will scratch the knives and can dull the edges.
Sharpening knives: Since this is our blog, we get to give a shout-out to our very own Oval Diamond Sharpeners. Your knives will probably need sharpening about once every 3-6 months.
Use the sharpeners carefully. Very lightly and with no pressure, sharpen Ergo Chef knives on an 18-20 degree angle. See our video for tips on sharpening here.
Knife storage: Always keep your knives safely stored in a knife block or in a plastic Universal Edge Guard to protect the blade. Using either of these items to protect knives is the safest way to store knives and will keep your knives performing better longer.

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