Honing and Sharpening Your Knives

Ergo Chef believes sharp knives are essential tools in any kitchen or workshop, but their effectiveness diminishes over time with regular use. To maintain peak performance and ensure safety, it’s crucial to hone and sharpen your knives regularly.

Here are three key reasons why:

Honing Rod Sharpener

Honing Rod

1. Preserving Cutting Performance: Regular honing and sharpening help preserve the cutting performance of your knives. Honing, done with a honing steel or rod, realigns the blade’s edge, correcting any slight bends (Burrs) or misalignments that occur during use. This process restores the blade’s sharpness and ensures that it cuts smoothly and effortlessly. However, honing alone cannot restore a dull blade’s sharpness; though it helps!  So for truly sharpening it’s necessary to use a sharpening device. Sharpening tools remove material from the blade to create a new, sharp edge. By incorporating both honing and sharpening into your knife maintenance routine, you can prolong the lifespan of your knives and maintain their cutting efficiency for longer periods.

Sharpening Stone Wet Stone

  Sharpening Stone Wet Stone

 2. Enhancing Safety: Dull knives pose a significant safety risk in the kitchen or workshop. When a knife is dull, more force is required to cut through materials, increasing the likelihood of slips and accidents. Dull blades can also produce jagged or uneven cuts, leading to inconsistent results and potential injury. By keeping your knives sharp through regular honing and sharpening, you ensure that they cut cleanly and precisely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Sharp knives allow for greater control and accuracy, promoting safer and more efficient cutting techniques.

Laser engraving initials on knife for great gift 

3. Maximizing Versatility and Efficiency: Sharp knives are versatile tools that excel in a wide range of cutting tasks. Whether you’re slicing vegetables, trimming meat, or performing delicate culinary techniques, sharp knives offer greater precision, control, and efficiency. Dull knives, on the other hand, struggle to perform these tasks effectively, resulting in frustration and subpar results. By honing and sharpening your knives regularly, you maximize their versatility and efficiency, empowering you to tackle various cutting tasks with confidence and ease. From meal preparation to DIY projects, sharp knives are indispensable tools that enhance productivity and satisfaction.

      In conclusion, honing and sharpening your knives are essential practices that enhance performance and safety in the kitchen or workshop. Hone your blades can be done weekly and sharpening them, depending on how much you use them, but usually it’s needed once every 6-12 months on your most used knives for best practice. This will extend the useful life of your blades and by preserving cutting performance, enhancing safety, and maximizing versatility and efficiency, regular maintenance ensures that your knives remain reliable and effective tools you will enjoy using for years to come. Incorporate honing and sharpening into your knife care routine to unlock the full potential of your blades and elevate your cutting experience to new heights.  


Need a professional to sharpen your knives?  Ergo Chef has been sharpening blades in Danbury CT. for all US residents since 2010.  You can order knife sharpening service on our website.

Professional knife sharpening

If you live near our Danbury Store on 4 Eagle Rd. please bring your dull knives in Monday – Thursday  10am – 5pm  or Fridays 10am – 3pm and we will have them complete in 2-3 working days.  We fix chipped knife blades and sharpen stright edge and serrated edge knives.

Stock Up on Sharpening Supplies:

Ergo Chef provides a variety of sharpeners including sharpening stones and honing and diamond sharpeners to keep your kitchen knives in tip-top shape all year long.  

Any questions about our products or service please call us 203.796.0880 or email: [email protected] 


Stay sharp my friends! 


Mike Staib


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